Compassionate Medical Science

Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd was founded in 1957. Since then, we have developed and provided a wide range of therapeutic medical equipment for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, mainly in the orthopedic area, for clinical and welfare use. We have also provided high-precision evaluation and measuring devices, including respiratory metabolism measuring devices for clinical and research purposes in the respiratory and cardiovascular areas.
We believe that our products have earned recognition and a strong reputation in these areas, and have contributed to better healthcare and welfare.

One of our most important themes is to increase people’s “healthspan” along with their life spans in the upcoming ultra-aging society.
In order to help people live long, healthy, and active lives, we will continue to develop and provide safe, high-precision, high-quality, and “compassionate” medical equipment to patients, physicians, medical staff, and personnel in clinical and research fields.

Our aim is to put the “compassion” in healthcare science first.
Our medical practice is built on a foundation of compassion for others, just as physicians try to help patients recover damaged physical functions using every available technology.

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MINATO Principles

Contribute to society by helping our aging population in the future through medical and nursing care.

Focus on compliance and make conscientious efforts to live up to the trust put in us by customers and society.


Provide medical and rehabilitation equipment to reduce patients’ pain, increase mobility in senior citizens.

Improve QOL in patients and senior citizens, by utilizing our know-how accumulated over half a century of developing medical equipment.


Propose useful ideas and provide support for better institutional management, in addition to supplying hardware equipment, in order to achieve the above goals.

Take an open and communicative approach to our patients and senior citizens as end users, as well as their families, medical staff, and institutional managers.

MINATO localizations



3-13-11 Shin-kitano, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0025 Japan

Central Research Center

Kobe, Hyogo Japan

Nishiki Factory

Sasayama, Hyogo Japan

Kobe Factory

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Shizuoka Factory

Fukuroi, Shizuoka Japan

Minato Care Station

Kobe, Hyogo Japan

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