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Aquatizer QZ-240 – Features

Merits to patient 

Kind design that allows patients to receive treatment in comfort. 

Original low noise design that maintains a quiet treatment environment

Through the adoption of a low noise “Minato Medical Science only” pump and new shape nozzle optimized for the dry hydro jet massage bed, the pump operation noise and water flow noise have been minimized. Further, through an original design and mechanism, the mechanical noise of the radiator and radiator fan have been reduced. Maintains a quiet treatment environment. 

Healing sounds create a relaxation space

It is equipped with a stereo system that allows relaxation sounds that use natural sounds as their materials to flow into your ears during treatment. Both your body and mind are enveloped in a healing space that not only treats your body but also calms your mind. Further, it also includes a chime function to notify you of the completion of treatment. In addition to volume control, you can freely choose the melody and chime sound to suit your taste.

Foot airbag that softly holds the feet

Prevents opening of the legs and holds the legs in the optimal position. Greatly improved sense of stimulation from calves to thighs. 

Easy to understand lie-down position

This is a kind design that enables patients using it for the first time when lying on the bed and putting their feet in the foot airbag to easily work out where to lie down.

Reduction in shaking of the head section

By softly holding the feet, the body is stabilized and shaking of the head section is reduced.

Futuristic design that is compact and easy to get on and off

The main unit size is 229 cm × 82 cm, which while being compact has a wide seat. By saving space, this increases the room in the treatment space. Further, in addition to lowering the bed height to 50 cm, a smooth shaped all-in-one handrail has been installed and a streamlined futuristic design has been adopted.

We have employed a design that makes it easy for patients to get on and off.

Water cooling function that enables comfortable treatment even in summer

The dry hydro jet massage bed generates heat from its high energy water flowcompatible pump. Normally the radiator fan is operated to cool this heat, but the QZ-240 has been equipped with a wide variety of cooling modes, from efficient cooling methods to the original “FULLAUTO water cooling” in which the cooling fan is not run at all. In this way, the bed water temperature will not increase even in summer and comfortable treatment is possible. (For the water cooling system, a plumbing is required) 

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Equipped with sensor to automatically detect the position of your head


When the patient lies down on the bed, the sensor detects the position of your head. It automatically measures your height and sets the optimal massage position. There is no need to separately set the height as before and this greatly reduces the workload of the staff.

Operating panel that is easy to understand and easy to use

The diverse range of treatment variations and massage mode of the QZ-240 can be set simply from the operating panel with the LED display. The treatment time, program and massage intensity can be set in detail simply by touching the panel. This enables the provision of massages optimized to suit the respective conditions of the patients in a smooth way. In addition, the operating panel is at a height where it can be used while standing and the angle can be adjusted freely within 360° in accordance with the installed location.

Timer function to preheat in line with the treatment start time

If the treatment start time is set for each day, the preheat function will operate in accordance with that time and it will be in standby, in an instantly usable state when treatment begins. Time is not taken up adjusting the temperature.

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