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Aquatizer QZ-240 – Product characteristics

The “Aquatizer QZ series” provided by Minato Medical Science who have always provided advanced devices with original design concepts in the dry hydro jet massage bed field. Using these results and technology, we have created the new dry hydro jet massage bed. This is the “QZ-240”, in which advanced functions, such as 4 nozzles, foot airbags and an automatic height setting function, have been added to a futuristic design. You can find here a dry hydro jet massage bed with the most highly evolved sense of treatment, comfort and operability.

Minato Aquatizer QZ-240 was awarded the Japan Design Award. It is one of the most important competitions in Japan, officially recognized by the International Design Alliance.

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New sense of treatment with the 4 nozzle (wide jet)

This has created a sense of treatment not previously found in 4 base nozzles. By switching the number of nozzles depending on the massaged area and pattern, we provide massage with a high degree of variation.

Holds the feet softly with an airbag

The foot airbag prevents you from opening your legs and holds the legs in the optimal position. The jet provides precise stimulation from your calves to your thighs.

The sensors automatically detect your height

Equipped with sensor to determine the position of your head. It measures your height and automatically sets the optimal massage position. There is no need to separately set the height as before and this greatly reduces the workload of the staff.

All-in-one handrail makes it easy to get on and off

The body and all-in-one handrail located from the head to feet make it easy to get on and off the bed. Further, its smooth streamlined shape give it a really futuristic design.

It has 4 nozzles (wide jet) with switching function to expand treatment variation

By switching between 4 nozzles (wide jet) and 2 nozzles, there is a drastic increase in the variations of treatment, such as “wide range treatment” and “concentrated treatment on the required areas” By combining the nozzle movement speed and different jet intensities, it is possible to massage in a varied and efficient way. We provide treatment optimized for each and every patient.

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Varied massage patterns to suit a diverse array of tastes

■  Realizes 7 types of hand techniques

Adopts the 7 massage patterns of “RUB”, “KNEAD”, “WIDE KNEAD”,

“PRESS”, “PAT”, “SQUEEZE” and “CONTINUOUS”. Through the “variable speed nozzle control function” from which you can adjust the movement speed of the nozzle, finely-tuned massage can be achieved and a broad range of massage from relaxation to dynamic stimulation is possible. Further, the variations in stimulation are greatly expanded by switching the number of nozzles.

■ Maximum of 28 types of massage mode

It is possible to select, according to your taste, from 28 varieties of massage mode, by switching between“WIDE” and “SLOW”in addition to the 7 types of massage patterns. It can store a maximum of 10 types of “user programs” created individually by the users. The optimal form of massage can be selected from a rich program.

■ Six levels of intensity can be set

The massage intensity can be seen in total of 6 levels from level 1 to 5 plus “Turbo”. The intensity can be chosen based on the state of the patient, from gentle massage to strong massage.


Arm rest cushion that makes it easy to adopt the zero position (option)

Arm rest cushion that makes it easy to adopt a posture (zero position) in which the muscles around the shoulder joints can be relaxed. By maintaining the relaxed state, the sense of stimulation in the upper body is increased. This Item heightens the relaxation environment.

Type with a hood for creating a relaxation space (option)

Lineup of hood-attached types. By blocking the surroundings from the view of the patient, they are enveloped in the relaxation space and more comfortable treatment can be performed.

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